Wednesday, February 8, 2017

#MomsSay : 10 Things Parents will Regret in 10 years

As parents, we all have those days when we experience some levels of parenting regrets.  It can range from Not listening to your child's birthday party requests to more serious issues such as not taking the necessary steps to limit your child's exposure to child abuse .  Whatever the level of regret, the very word indicates that we were displeased with an occurrence, event, actions or reactions. This often leads to questions around, "What could I have done differently?" 

While I typed this blog post, it seemed eerily familiar and a quick Jamaican Mommies Blog post review revealed that I had done a similar post around Moms say: I wish I had.  Notably, most of the moms (except for about 3) were sharing their parental wishes around kids who were 12 years and under. This post however focuses on moms who are more mature who have taken the time to share some of their most pressing parenting regrets 10 years later or more.  I write to share this primarily as a reference point for 1. Parents to be 2. Parents of Younger children and 3. People everywhere who can learn a bit from the regrets of others.

Some of the Top 10 Parenting regrets as shared by moms 40 and over include: 

1. Missing out too much of years 1-5: They say these are the most impressionable years and boy do they go by quickly.  I have cried every year after my child passed the 5 year old mark, because each year I saw a little more of my "baby" slipping away with every 12 month period.  Even at 7 years old, I often reflect and find gaps that seemed to have flown by way too quickly.  Several of our 40 and over moms cited this missing out on quality time as one of their most profound regrets-often tied work commitments, balancing relationships and being focused on caring for instead of spending time with the kids. 

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