Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Jamaica Emancipation to Independence- Calender of Events

As a child, I vaguely remember Emancipation and Independence celebrations, yet I do recall my parents making a big enough deal about same.  My mother would reference Mello go round (I believe it was still called that then) and over the period my father would make the yearly trek to the Denbigh Agriculture Show in Clarendon.

As an adult, I have visited quite a few of the celebrations with my family in tow and it was indeed a spectacular showing. A lot must be said for the keen attention to details over the August 1-6 period.   Well done JCDC.

This year as Jamaica celebrates 53 years of Independence under the theme "Jamaica 53.. Proud and Free" the nation's cultural agency Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC)  has an extensive list of events to celebrate Jamaica's 53 years as a Free Nation.  I implore you to check it out as the 2015 activities feature a wide variety of options for all members of the family!! and best of all Jamaican Mommies will be giving away tickets to the many Independence and Emancipation events this year!!!. 

We have also highlighted Pickney Pendence which is a programme specifically prepared and produced for children. Its aim is to create an atmosphere for children to learn about and be better able to appreciate the concept, significance and meaning of Emancipation and Independence in a fun way. Jamaican Mommies views this inclusion favourably :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

So We Had a Cat (Part 2): Is a cat right for you?!

When last we spoke, Blossom our beautiful blue-grey eyed kitten had posed so intimidating that she entered and left our home in less than a month. It was not easy for sure and as I continue, I hope to appease those Facebook followers who after reading part 1 scolded "Why did you scheme to give away the cat" and "I'm sure she would've gotten better in time" and the many tear stained emoticons and sighs....

 If you are still not up to speed catch up on Part 1 of Coombsies and the Cat

After that 9: 10 p.m. delivery featuring a wide eyed, (I swear she was weeping) cat, we the conniving parents settled in to discuss how best to break this news to our 6 year old daughter.   You see even with all the perceived 'problems' of dealing with a uber playful kitten and a constantly fear and anxiety stricken child were the even greater problems of being the traitorous parents who would no doubt have to deal with the never ending blame sure to come our way.

So what did we do? As adults who need to make responsible adult decisions everyday to ensure we strike the right balance for our child?


Yep we went to bed and literally decided to tackle the bull by its horn whenever that was.

Monday, July 20, 2015

So we HAD a cat: Is a cat right for you?

Yes you read that right.. we HAD a cat and no she didn't die. We (two grown folks) clearly overwhelmed by one tiny kitten, agonized then recalculated, then reassessed then simply gave her away. Yes I know "but cats are so soft and cuddly and cushy and friendly", but before you hurl all those anti-cat lover slurs my way hear me out while I even manage to throw a little salute the cat lover's way in this two part piece which really should be called Coombsies and the Cat.

Meet Blossom, she really is the cutest little cat I have ever seen and so is her 3 other siblings.  You see, so cute they were that I thought it would be impossible to select from the the litter, but my 6 year old took one look at the photos and decided she wanted "That one mommy, the one with the little spot in her forehead and her name will be Blossom" and so it began.

Friday, July 10, 2015

5 Simple Activities Kids Thoroughly Enjoy WITH YOU!!!

We're all about Guest Bloggers and have a special place for #DadsWhoBlog As such Jamaican Mommies welcomes guest blogger George Schalter from Educational Kids Games. His post below embodies much of what Jamaican Mommies have been championing as it relates to spending quality time with your kids through practical tips for keeping the family together . Read on...

Parents, don’t you just love seeing your kids’ faces light up with joy and excitement as they’re having fun? Of course you do! Unfortunately though, it isn’t often that we actively plan for such experiences, since we tend to believe that they require a lot of time, effort, money, or even all three! Fortunately, that is far from true. Kids are easily entertained, and you can create special moments with them by indulging in quick, fun activities that they’re bound to enjoy.

Here are five activity ideas to get you started.

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