Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Since we launched our 2014 Summer Activities Listing, I am happy to report that there was an overwhelming demand and after the unavoidable delays, our 2015 Jamaica Summer Activities Listing is now ready!!!

Special Thanks as well to the many organizations, other parenting networks, friends and all of you in the webosphere who shared activities with us for inclusion in our listing.

In the event you still have an activity to add, drop us a line via or via our website's contact us box

Do remember to SHARE with all the other parents you know who wish to have a comprehensive list of the available summer activity options.

Please note you can also download the list via Jamaican Mommies 2015 Summer Activities Listing

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015


A few weeks ago, I was a part of a bubbly laughing off our heads mommy and daddy audience who were a part of the B3 Magazine's Parent's Date Night. While the night featured hilarious, laugh out loud moments, what stuck the most were the very impactful presentations. With the theme Paving the path from diapers to diplomas" flowing throughout the series of activities, the emphasis was on equipping parents with the tools for emotional, social and academic success. In line with this theme, local entrepreneur Nicole McLaren Campbell of AIM Educational Services presented on catering to the educational aspect of your child's well being while Antonnette Cowan-Palmer of NCB focused on the educational aspect. But what jumped at me the most was Melanie Schwapp's presentation on keeping the family together. Schwapp, local author of the book Dew Angels (Pick up a copy via Amazon) shared some very important pointers and today we share her meaningful presentation on what she calls "Creating a deep comfort and friendship in the home within a sometimes erratic and volatile world"

When I became a mother, I was not ready. I mean, I had the nursery beautifully decorated with all the things a first time mother has – the diaper holder thingy, the wet wipe warmer, the measuring spoon for the measuring spoon that measured the formula, 962 pretty dresses so my new daughter could wear a new one every half an hour …..I had it all. But at that moment when Briana was born and they brought her to me, I quaked. I wasn’t ready for the love I felt. It was a physical feeling, so strong that it hurt every fibre of my heart. I had never felt anything like that in my life, and it frightened me. I knew then that this precious blessing was now completely in my care, and I would be responsible for every single thing that came into her life.

Thank goodness that the instinct of motherhood kicked in, and Briana survived me. So did the two other children that followed her. It was not an easy road, though. I think my husband and I learned a lot more from our children than they learned from us. For one thing, we got a whopping lesson in something called ‘Patience’. We also learned that above everything else, the joy and security within our family should never be compromised by anything. We strove, through the years, to create a deep comfort and friendship within our home, a security that has become a stable buffer within a sometimes erratic and volatile world.

A few pointers that served us well were –"
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