Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A little cultural Infusion: Confucius Institute Day Celebrations in Jamaica

As far as cultures go, the Chinese culture is colourful as it is interesting. Admittedly, much of this culture has been experienced through my toddler's eyes via the many episodes of Nai Hao Kai-Lan that she often pulls me on the couch to view with her. But even from those, I have learnt a lot about very many Chinese customs and celebrations.

I am muy excited then to discover that the Confucius Institute at the UWI Mona Campus will be staging Confucius Institute Day 2014 on September 27. Confucius Institute Day  being a day to celebrate the birth of Confucius;  the 10 year anniversary of Confucius Institutes globally and to encourage cultural exchange while highlighting the services of the Confucius Institute that teaches mandarin, calligraphy, tai chi and offers translating services.

Why we Love Flair's Mommy Corner & a familiar face

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A few months ago, The Gleaner's Flair Magazine started a series called "Mommy Corner". The mommy corner instead of doing a personality feature on mums took a very welcomed approach and zoomed in on parental advice on a wide variety of topics. In fact its introduction reads: Unlike buying a new car or an appliance, motherhood does not come with a manual. It is a journey travelled by trial and error and words from the wise - those who have been there before. So let's take the journey together in the 'Flair Magazine's' new feature - Mommy Corner. Each week, mothers share the 'tricks' of the trade - what works for them and what doesn't.

I found myself smiling and nodding as I read some of the entries and even making a mental note to try some of the strategies outlined by the featured moms. Admittedly, some were downright hilarious, others more serious and still others offering the opportunity to reflect on the strategy highlighted.

In the end, we are happy the Flair team took this approach and we look forward to other "In their own words" mommying tips.

Have a look at some of the featured moms and the topics they spoke about.

P.S. Look a little closer in, you will find your Jmommies editor speaking about the important topic of pulling the Balancing Act and Bonding Time for the Busy Mom

1. The Naughty Corner

2. Socializing Your Toddler

3. The Homework Drama

4. Making the Mommy and Me time

We love the variety of topics thus far and look forward to more! After all, we always love hearing from other moms about tips and tricks that can complement our own.


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Monday, September 1, 2014

The Homeschooling alternative in Jamaica & Why we chose that route

Many moons ago when I sat down for a chat with Jamilah Blythe of High Flyer Tutoring Service, little did I know I'd be doing a post that delved into Homeschooling as a viable educational alternative in Jamaica. Moreso, never would I have imagined that I would be taking such a big leap of faith to make this an educational alternative for my own child, having enrolled her into a Homeschooling summer programme to test the waters and now retaining the services of a homeschool tutor to tend to her educational needs...

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