Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Education Minister and Jamaica's Water woes

Just today, Education Minister the Hon. Ronald Thwaites announced that given the current water crisis, parents may be called upon to provide their children with sufficient water for drinking and for sanitary purposes when schools reopen in September.

He goes on to state that "We have to put some responsibility on parents and students to bring drinking water, and, on occasions, to bring water enough to wash hands and to flush the toilet," while indicating that it takes approximately five gallons of water to flush old-style toilets and two gallons for newer models.

With all due regards for the goodly minister and his presumed well to do intentions, there are several reasons why this proposal is not only unrealistic but highly impractical and some daresay ludicrous.

One wonders about the last time the Minister assessed HOW the majority of Jamaica's students travel to and from school (There seems to be a presumption that they all go with parents in tow and via private vehicles?) to transport this 'new September' burden.

Without being baseless, let us deconstruct some of the Minister's many suggestions and see why they are not feasible while suggesting some alternatives.

Monday, August 18, 2014


Jamaican Mommies contributed to Flair's Mommy Corner recently and a modified  version of this post appeared in the Gleaner's Flair Magazine Mommy corner with the title 10 things parents should know.  We've posted the extended version here for your benefit. 

In this information age, it’s easy to be bombarded by countless tips and tricks everywhere about what you should or shouldn't know as a parent. Have any doubts? Do a random web search and you will discover way more than you will ever need. But before you start feeling overwhelmed or driven to insanity, rest assured many other parents share these feelings too.

As a new mom I was often bombarded with way too much information, way too many voices, too varied opinions on what to do and what not to do. More so, years later even as I try to balance career and family, parenting continues to be daunting as I strive to be what so many of the parenting advice outlets say one should be. On this quest, I am continuously left with endless questions about whether I have been doing it right, but in the end, having researched several parenting topics over the past five years for and interacting with several moms about their parenting highlights, I have discovered several tips and will share the ones most likely to help you keep your sanity. 

1. There is no universal perfection: You've probably heard before that every child is different and so is every parent-child relationship. In aiming to be the best you can be, go with your guts, trust your motherly instincts and use your child’s well-being and happiness as your guide. The only near perfection then are a satisfied mommy and a truly happy child. 

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