Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Things we lost in the fire: Coping with home loss

Things we lost to the flames
Things we'll never see again
All that we've amassed
Sits before us, shattered into ash

These are the things, the things we lost
The things we lost in the fire fire fire

-Bastille, Things we lost in the fire

Admittedly this may be my most painful blog post yet, only because it is the kind of thing that you hear of everyday but never foresee happening to your own family and even when there is a fleeting thought, you allow it to sprint away quickly because you don't intend to deal with the possibilities or the reality...Now that it has happened, I deal with it the only way I can right now-I blog.

My family's home was destroyed by a fire on Monday, June 9, 2014 at approximately 2:30 p.m and so the memory and scars are still very raw. I therefore write not to publicize but to find some outlet to keep the memory alive about all that was lost in the fire, while sharing some information at the end about coping with home loss due to fire.

 As you can imagine, a family home is the house that has held memories for all of us as children and my parents. It is the place where for the past 24 years I have had endless fun with my siblings and neighbours, seen my younger sister enter the world, created a world of imaginary adventure; learnt to read, learnt to ride a bicycle, to play an instrument; It is also there that I learnt to laugh, to dream, to hope and today to cry.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Go Bananas with Monkey Bizniz: Family theatre Fun! Do. Go. See!!

It sounds like Boom shakka lacka "Tikka laka, macka jukka, banana peel.......Say what?

Or you may find yourself wondering, do they mean lotion like a play on potion or lution which goes with Evolution?

In any case, before you're likely to figure it out, you may just get distracted enough to hear a very long winded and drawn out voice utter "By the time me lef one meeting and reach home, is time fi lef go to another" and when you see who the voice is coming from, you will totally understand why the statement was followed by peals of laughter from the excited tots and tweens.

such was the case as Jamaican Mommies journeyed with the family in tow (our 5 year old included for research purposes) to the second night of Damion Radcliffe's Anancy Chaptaz: Monkey Bizniz on Saturday, June 1. Monkey Bizniz being the fourth episode in Radcliffe's Anancy Chaptaz children's theatre series.

It was no monkeying around though as the 24 member cast drew you into their forest home where the monkey tribe must learn some very valuable lessons- chief among them the need for unity and loving oneself, all while pointing to Jamaican Culture and current affairs in its subtext.

Multi Year, Multi Media Parenting Jamaica effort Launched:

Screen shot of Launch day report via the
Jamaica Gleaner
At a time when society's children are faced with a myriad of atrocities, often based on improper parenting practices, it is certainly welcomed that Jamaica's Governor General, Sir Patrick Allen has launched Parenting Jamaica as an extension of the I believe Initiaitive. The I believe Initiative rests on the principle of "Using what is right with Jamaica to fix what is wrong with Jamaica"

Parenting Jamaica, A multi-year multiple-media communication programme designed to animate the lessons in the parenting guide“Answers To Questions Parents Ask” written by Dr. Barry Davidson and Dr. Faith Linton was launched earlier this year in March following extensive stakeholder consultations.  Since then it has made several steps towards its goals as a behaviour change effort from which a national parenting manual and standardised training of parents will emerge.

Parenting Jamaica also recognizes and endorses the efforts of several other Parenting oriented organizations that are actively pursuing efforts to improve Parenting in Jamaica.

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