Monday, March 10, 2014

Breaking the Social Media Curse for better Parenting

                                                                                   "Mommy, can we go paint now?"
"Sure honey, right after I finish...ummm something"
*scrolls along Facebook timeline, then checks in on Instagram Pics*

"Mommy, can we paint now"?
"Coming honey" but let me get in that tweet first 'Going to paint a beautiful picture with my boobsie' * but continues social Media-ing

Many hours later, the picture doesn't get painted and you have thoroughly destroyed a little heart. LET. THAT. SINK. IN.

Does the above scenario sound even remotely familiar? It kinda makes you terribly sad right? Like what horrible parent gives up super precious and super awesome seconds with their kid to go check out Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Pinterest  and countless others? HAS. THAT. SUNK. IN?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

DIY Mama: Homemade Ice cream, Birthday Princess and then some

Happy Ash Wednesday mamas!! This blog post is as 'spur of the moment' as it gets. I have truly missed my blog and with a wee bit of ME time, it got me thinking #BlogMode and since my little missy celebrated her 5th this February, I've been itching to share some DIY projects I activated for her birthday. This coupled with a friend's Facebook post on homemade Ice Cream, countless Pinterest links (Follow us) and Mother's day on the horizon, a DIY post is perfect (I think).

So let's start off with today's little project #HomemadeIceCream (Cherry Vanilla to boot). Thanks to my dear Samantha on Facebook who shared the ziplock method from surprise surprise her son's Science book, I went digging and found These 3 Recipes (Visuals below) also these 5 with very clear steps and made myself a test batch and boy am I happy!!! It tasted just like cherry vanilla Ice cream, was super yummy and I tried to cut calories by using no sugar or added syrup. 

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