Tuesday, October 29, 2013

JamaicanMommies goes High Tea for Charity: Here's why you should too!!!

Want to do something excitingly different for charity? Who's up for playing her part by being a Queen of Hearts?!!
If you've ever wanted to be all dolled up while giving back to charity, this is it!!!
Several times we bemoan that we just don't give back enough or we don't know about the right avenues to do so, but here's a fabulous and fashionable way that is bound to make you feel great on the inside and out.

On Thursday, November 7, 2013, Dress for Success Jamaica will host its Queen of Hearts Tea party under the distinguished patronage of Her Excellency, The Most Honourable Lady Allen. With all the associative Victorian-esque images that tea parties bring, in Jamaica, everything takes on our very own Jamaican twist-so I present to you an ultra chic forum with fabulously dressed ladies, smartly dressed men wearing varied shades of red and enjoying polite conversation, fabulous fare, entertainment and the fulfillment of knowing you are giving back to very worthy cause. There's also the added bonus of networking with some of Jamaica's most powerful and inspiring men and women and having the chance to take home beautiful gems from the silent auction.

The cause in question is one which we at Jamaican Mommies hold near and dear. A few years ago, Dressed for Success Jamaica burst on the scene providing inspiration and motivation for disadvantaged women who were on a path to financial independence. Through its career driven initiatives, this charitable entity was able to offer:
  • Workshops on preparing for the job interview
  • Provision of an interview-appropriate attire for the first interview and once the client lands the job, a week's worth of work attire.
  • Group consultations with a professional stylist and Image Consultant
  • Mentorship
  • Counselling for personal and career development
All with the aim of 

promoting the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

The very positive and inspiring outcome has repeatedly been women who have been transitioned towards self-sufficiency; addressing their social and economic needs in relation to work, home and community. Each woman is a success story: she has gone from unemployment to economic independence.

In continuing its service to humanity, Dress for success Jamaica is on a mission to raise well needed funds to continue its many empowering initiatives and you; yoU and YOU my dear friends can truly play a part.

How is this for quality entertainment paired with a charitable deed?!!

So mark your calendars,  get those glamorous outfits out, come prepared to experience something different (if this is your first tea party) and know that the greater reward is helping women who are truly in need.

For tickets, please contact: 472-4600

And if you are still not excited enough yet, here's a peek from Last year's event 

For tickets, please contact: 472-4600

and Just in case you want Red Queen Chic style ideas, check out these suggestions courtesy of The Mr. Image.. We'll add some options for the gents in short order :-)

What to Wear to the Queen of Hearts High Tea

For tickets, please contact: 472-4600

Will I see you there?!  let me know!!... I'll be the lady in red...with the welcoming smile :-)


Monday, October 28, 2013

Babysitting Hey Fran Hey:Candlelight Yoga & Digi 5k Night Run

How's that for a JamaicanMommies appropriate title? lol We sure got your attention right? Well do read on!!

A few days ago we blogged about all the excitement at getting a chance to meet Francheska of Hey Fran Hey and thanks to our friends at PRANA Lifestyle  the reality was dreamier than the thought.

CandleLight YogaFor starters on Friday night, we hopped on over to Grosvenor Galleries for Candlelight Yoga. I got there a little late and was hesitant about joining as the session seemed to be in full swing, but my sister who came along with me was so excited about what she saw and so we both gave in. I'm so glad I did as it was just about perfect- very cool winds coming from the hills, night animal sounds, fragrant candles all around, yoga-tistic music and the soothing voice of our yoga instructor, Vitra Gopee of the Jamaica Yoga Association (JAYA).. I doubt my body has been stretched this much for a bit but once I got over the initial 'stiffness'I thoroughly enjoyed it especially once we cooled down and got in 'free your mind, free your body mode- perfect peace I tell ya.

After the experience I am now a firm believer in Yoga for mamas.. I swear it de-stresses and clears the mind in a way that is indescribable.

Vitra Gopee of Jamaica Yoga Association leads the hour long Yoga session
(Image via Itality Wellness Media)

Then adding more holistic fuel was Shakti/Starfish Oils boss, Sharon Feanny sharing more about her fitness journey-truly touching stories of moving from a place of desolation to finding true inner peace, fuelled by one's passion.  The mama in me was particularly touched when she spoke of challenges linked to raising 3 young children while operating a business and while her hubster had to be away from the family. In the end, she made a very family oriented decision.

And then!! the highlight of the night, lady Franchesca Medina, NYC based Lifestyle Blogger of Hey Fran Hey fame came to give her motivational talk and that she did in such cutesy, girl next door, let's just reason together kinda fashion. I really loved how she made it all sound like we were just a group of gal pals reasoning together about all things, healthy, hearty and happy.  I especially loved her DIY tips on how to take care of hair and body and then her inspiring story about how she made a full natural and wholesome transition after being bedridden for months with a medical condition. In a phrase, Fran is certainly a doll!!! and really made the Candlelight Yoga experience complete.

Jamaican Mommies Founder, Shanoy Coombs with 
Francheska of Hey Fran Hey
Now what of our Spurious Babysitting Fran title?

Digicel 5k Night Run
 On Saturday night, I hesitantly trekked to the Night Run. It was my first night run and I was tired. I just wanted to sleep in after a whirlwind week at work. But I knew our special guest would be joining the run and again I'm glad I pushed on.  

With little time to stretch and warm up, I was grateful I had done the Yoga session the night before as it made my body supple and ready.. I was in a good place. Several snaps later with my Hey Fran Hey branded naturalistas we were ready to rumble. 

Some of the members of the "Hey Fran Hey" Posse do team snap shots 
before the start of the race
The real highlight of the night however was getting to be a tour guide/running mate if you may for Lady Fran (hence 'baby sitting':-) In truth though, she needed no baby-ing and was clearly the boss of this show. I made it a point of duty to show her a bit of the historic sites we passed while running and I even explained a bit about why all the stores were closed, why so much European architecture and the like.

But I am immensely happy that I chose to do the run- with the real reward being keeping up with Fran.  She was a ball full of energy, slowing only to snap various giggledy videos and photos of children at the water stops, young men dancing close to the finish line and cheering us on etc.

In the end, we crossed the finish line together with our normally less than impressive 48:44 timing knowing that the real reward was in the experience: 1. Giving back to Charity for persons with special needs 2. The first night run for both of us. 

And with just about perfect weather and the noticeable absence of the sometimes blinding sun, we had a great run-one that will go down in my books as one of the best ever.

The weekend of wholesome activities also solidified the need for me to resume my healthy life journey. This Yoga and run clearly did it in for me in terms of giving me a energetic boost. 

Special thanks again to Fran for making the trip. I certainly hope you enjoyed the visit as much as I did. 

Did any of you Jmomma fans make it out to any of the "Fran in Ja" events? How was it for you? Let us know!!

Jamaican Mommies founder Shanoy Coombs and NYC based 
Lifestyle Blogger Hey Fran Hey cross the finish line
 at the Digicel 5k Night run in Kingston, Jamaica

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Hey Hey Hey, When I blogged about my Green Smoothie journey a while back and how it started with a recipe from a Hey Fran Hey's Timeline, little did I know I would actually be getting the chance to meet this healthy loving, clean eating, DIY skin and hair caring chica.

Fast Forward to the here and now...  scrolling along Facebook I saw Fran post that she'd be in Jamaica... (considering I spot the letters J-A-M-A-I-C-A every where every time from a mile) I gave myself a mini hug because who doesn't want to get cool natural hair, skin and nutrition tips?! I later discovered there were a series of events around Lady Fran's visit and figured as a smoothie slurping, natural hair loving and DIY healthy anything welcoming mama, I wanted in!! and now we're here...

I managed to secure a place as one of 30 persons to run with Fran for the Digicel 5k Night run on Saturday, October 26th (My fitness level or lack thereof aside) this night run should be cool. I also have the opportunity to attend the Friday night Candle Light Yoga session courtesy of my friends at PRANA Lifestyle and I am thrilled! The concept of Yoga excites me even as I've only done mini sessions whenever I have the time during hotel stays. But enough of that.. time for you to get excited with me!!!

So in addition to a Natural Beauty, Nutrition and Fitness Healthy kinda talk by Fran, there will be Yoga session and a Live Fit, Live healthy presentation by Sharon Feanny-fitness extraordinaire. Are you excited yet?!! There will also be healthy eats, music and art. 

This sounds like just the sort of holistic living affair to get you my mamas recharged, re-energized and glowing with head to toe goodness!! The sponsors listing also looks diverse and if they are delivering free goodies, that'd make for an even more awesome time. 

And at this point, I just want to go and find Yoga appropriate clothes and count down the days to Friday!!.. So with not much more to say, heed my very few tips (do it do it do it):

1. Jamaican Mommies will give one lucky mamacita the chance to attend this fabulous event FREE (Check our Jamaican Mommies Facebook Page or @JamaicanMommies on Twitter  for information on how to win)

2. Mark your calendars-Friday, October 25 th at 6:00 p.m-You Need to be there

3. Find out more about Hey Fran Hey below.. Also have a peep at one of her video blogs on all things natural 

4. Call up a friend and tell them you are both getting your healthy mind and body flex on!!

5. Check out Sharon Feanny's profile and start taking out that Yoga Mat

6. Recognize that you owe it to yourself to be there!! Hardworking Mamas deserve refreshing moments!

Until then, I'll go and research some quick remedies to make an inactive body supple and I will see you then as I experience what sounds like an exquisite fusion of nightlife with health, fitness and nutrition. I'll drink to that!!

See you then!

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Its World Food Day: The Little you do can go a long way!!

Its #WORLDFOODDAY Hurray!! #WeAllLoveFood #Foodie #FoodFest #NomNom and the countless hashtags associated with our food pics shows a universal love for food- well pruned, cleaned, packaged, eye pleasing and ready for consumption. We also love having the food that we love-available in the quantities required, but did you know that Food in the right quantities and right quality is a luxury for many persons across the world?! Even more do you know that our consumption patterns,  food storage, usage and general food choices do have a great impact on our health?!

Indeed, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) State of Agriculture report for 2013 reveals some startling statistics:

  1.  One out of every 4 children in the world under age five is stunted. This means 165 million children are so malnourished they will never reach their full physical and cognitive potential.
  2.  About 2 billion people in the world lacks vitamins and minerals that are essential for good health.
  3. Some 1.4 billion people are overweight. of these about one third are obese and at risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes or other health problems.

The overarching issue is that the consumption of too little or too much food are linked to issues of Hunger and Malnutrition. Yet many are unaware that even while consuming the right amounts of food, persons can be malnourished without knowing it.. How is this possible you ask? When your nutritionist says "Eat a VARIETY" of foods, it was never meant to be an old wive's tale. In fact, this slogan points to the need for families to consume the right quality of food-food which nourishes the body and provide well needed energy. Still confused? This may help...

With issues of Hunger and Malnutrition in mind, the FAO has rolled out World Food Day celebrations under the theme "Healthy People depend on Healthy Food Systems: Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition" with three distinct messages:

What's more everyone of us has a role to play in the fight against hunger and malnutrition. At a personal level we can take a difference by:

  • Educating ourselves with relevant information about what constitutes a balanced diet for ourselves and our families. For example, Did you Know that different types of malnutrition can coexist within a household or even individual? Remember it is never just about having enough food-it is more about having enough of the RIGHT Quality of Food. 
  • Taking small steps within your household to minimize food losses 
    • Avoid Wasting Food
    • Eat Fruits and Vegetables 3 times per day
    • Avoid Junk Food
    • Use Social media and the web to share with others so they too can make a commitment to fighting hunger and malnutrition.
  • Teaching your children, friends, family and loved ones to think as global citizens: So you, your friends, neighbour and close associates may not personally suffer from hunger or malnutrition, yet do you see how your food related actions could have an impact on those who are without basic food items?  
Have a look at this Child friendly World Food Day Video.. Rosita learns about World Food Day 2013 and then it will all be a bit clearer... Remember to share it with your children too-loved ones, family and friends. 

For more information on World Food Day visit FAO's World Food Day Portal Follow @FAOWFD and @FAONews on Twitter and stay tuned to our  Jamaican Mommies Facebook Page for more updates, videos, prizes and surprizes.

Are you observing World Food Day? Share with us @JamaicanMommies  on twitter

Happy World Food Day!! Healthy People depend on Healthy Food Systems!!
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Jamaican Mommies Joins UNICEF in Celebrating Breast Feeding Week

Hey there Mamas,
This post comes a little after the fact, but as a part of Jamaican Mommies involvement with the UNICEF Jamaica led Breast Feeding Week Initiative, I promised my followers on Facebook and Twitter a post about the mini campaign.

As a mama who breastfed, I  personally found the week of information-packed delivery to be rather commendable on UNICEF's part and their approach to reach out to varied influencers in the Social Media domain (Jamaican mommies being one :-) to help disseminate these important messages as a very cutting edge approach.

Suffice to say, being invited to be a part of the enablers (I like this term), it got us here at Jamaican Mommies googling and learning so much more about the benefits of breastfeeding... Get more background info on the World Breast Feeding week website.

As you may be aware,  in addition to the obvious priceless bonding and interaction time breastfeeding gives to moms and their newborns, consistent breastfeeding has been known to have several health benefits. These were highlighted throughout the week by the team at UNICEF Jamaica in visual formats with concise messages that truly resonated.... case in Point...

Another major campaign component was the inclusion of Jamaican Beauty Queen and Media Darlings Yendi Phillipps and Emprezz Golding respectively as Breast Feeding Week Ambassadors. Both ladies shared their Breastfeeding experiences via print and electronic media and then sweetened the deal by making surprise visits to Public Hospitals etc to share the BreastFeeding benefit message with new moms.

Say awww with me now

Jamaican Beauty Queen Yendi Phillipps shares some motherly snuggle time with a baby during the BreastFeeding Week Hospital visits 

Jamaican media Personality Emprezz Golding shares a moment with young mums during Breast feeding Week Visits

Throughout the Week, Jamaican Mommies therefore showed its support to this worthy campaign by sharing daily updates on The Jamaican Mommies Facebook Page along with Breast Feeding facts.. Tips were also shared via our Twitter Page clearly throwing more support behind the cause for Social media in the modern communication campaign.

The feedback from Mommies in our Jamaican Mommies Network was also positive and makes a solid point for the power of effective collaborations.

As the campaign was so image and video heavy, we share with you one of the videos from the surprise hospital visits and other posters below.

What were your thoughts on the Jamaica Breast Feeding Week Initiative? Did you see the messages? Let us know.

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