Thursday, December 1, 2011

Had to share- 5 best toys of all times

As we enter the festive season and with all the hurrah around gift giving, parents should be cautioned as it relates to the expense of gift giving.

While nothing brings greater joy than seeing your little one's face light up when a new toy is presented, parents are often left bewildered when that toy is discarded for.....something a little less appealing.

In fact, it is common to hear many parents declare that their child seems to gain more satisfaction from the gift wrapper than the gift itself. With that much said, this post from Johnathan Liu was a refresher and made me smile and nod as I went along. As you read, just consider the essence of what is being said and who knows, your daughter may end up finding extreme joy from a box of Kleenex or your son may find the bubble wrapper as the most delightful thing yet.

So let us not only look at the costs of the gifts we give our kids, but the value of some of the ones we choose to give them.

Happy reading here.

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