Sunday, September 25, 2011

J Mom featured on

Some weeks ago, Jeff Rivera, Editor in Chief of on his blog walking mission, sent me a message to say he had enjoyed viewing my blog. It was a nice gesture on his part. It was most appreciated as anyone who has ever received a compliment knows... It was also appreciated because in its simplest form " Hi Shanoy really enjoying reading your blog!" means that I've been doing a good enough job thus far to make all things mommy related an interesting read.

Mere hours later, Jeff indicated that he had a friend, another mommy blogger who he'd want to put me on to, so she could interview me for her site. That friend turned out to be Anna Deskins of

A few questions later and voila, here goes my interview on being a mother, mommy blogging and all things mommy head on over and have a read here then head back here and leave a comment.

Thank you Anna and Jeff,

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