Friday, June 11, 2010

10 Things to do instead of Spanking

Having kids of any age sure has its down moments. Children by their very nature aren't always inclined to obey anything called rules. Then we have to sometimes remember as parents that some things that we call being rude are in fact just mere child's play. So faced with a uber hyperactive toddler or a nonchalant teen, many parents are tempted to offer a slap or two. Yet, more and more doctors and child specialists worldwide have been calling for more non-violent approaches towards meting out discipline. While the debate about to spank or not continues, varied views will be aired. My mother for one will tell you that a lil spanking never did us any wrong(smiles). She was however always quick to point out that discipline should never be issued as a way to hurt a child, but more of a form of correction. So if spanking is to be administered,do not do so in frustration as you may have regrets.

For those parents who do not wish to take a spanking approach, the team at Positive Parenting offers a list of alternative ways to effectively discipline a child. Please guage the information though as I strongly disagree with claims that spanking a child leads to children who are more prone to low self-esteem, depression and accept lower paying jobs as adults. I am perfect proof that this is not true. I must admit I was always a very strong willed (Jamaicans say stubborn child) who would sometimes disregard my Mother's instructions. Paired with siblings who were a little less strong willed, I may have come across as a little hard to deal with (Ask my mother now and she'll tell you she admires my resilience now that i'm grown -smiles-) At these times, no rod was spared. Yet if its one thing I know, I do not have lowered self esteem, depression etc. If any of these factors manifest themselves at any later point, I would have to thoroughly assess all other environmental, mental and physical factors in my life at the particular time to thoroughly ascertain wheter or not a spank here and there from my parents contributed to it.

So go on over and check out 9 Things to do instead of Spanking. It is in fact a good read and offers some useful tips. Also be sure to share with us what works for you as a parent. Do you spank sometimes? Not at all? What works? Let us know.


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