Saturday, March 20, 2010

Putting the oomph back in your sex life after childbirth

Many moms after not having sex throughout or in the latter part of their pregnancy, do find it a challenge to ease back into an active sex life. For some couples, the need for sexual gratification takes over and so they naturally ease back in. I've always wanted to do an article on how moms can ease back into a sexually fulfilling life and my dear friend Nikii who blogs over at my bedroom scoop did a wonderful job. Ladies check it out here and men I'm sure you'll love the message being communicated.


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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March's giveaway from Arawak Publications

For this month, I have a special treat for you. This month's giveaway is still courtesy of Arawak Publications and is a digital learning cd rom. I have three copies and It features the classic Chicken Little tale in digital format in both English and Spanish. The cd is labelled for ages 4-7 years, but I'm sure younger kids will be just as happy with this gift. To win one of these, simply tell us, How you make learning fun for your children. All previous winners, please email me so we can organise collection of prizes. Thanks for the support guys and once you have received your prize, send us a pic and we'll be sure to display same. Since I posted this giveaway late you have until April 15 to post your comments. Cheers J Mom signature

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Unemployed Mother

Hello mommies, let me apologise for not being on top of the game as it relates to posts. My life has taken on a few turns and this post will give you an idea of why I've been so busy. Recently, I started a blog post from my phone about putting the oomph back in your sex life post baby. While I think that is still a topic to be pursued, It somehow got erased and sitting looking at my blank screen, with my one year old in hand, got me thinking about being the unemployed mother. Many of you may not have known, but I have been made redundant from my 'executive title' position since very early December of last year. Since then I have been on an optimist's high and jumped right into freelancing. After all, in my capacity of Public Relations Account Executive, I singlehandedly managed the department and as such knew the ins and outs of the business to operate on my own. So I did just that.

This process however has not always been as fruitful as expected. From late payments (just received a final payment from a job done in November)to an uncertain market, I've had my share of challenges,but as a mother there are definate benefits-not so much from being unemployed, but more from being a 'freelancing-mostly at home mom' (small mercies I tell you). So one of the major benefits is more time with my precious of course. When I look back at my 9-5 and beyond, it seemed so callous in comparison to seeing my daughter grow, hearing her utter new words and do little actions that gets me on the phone telling everyone, you won't believe what Kailee just did. Of course there's also the benefit of sleeping in late, having my baby SEE me every morning and those little wake up hugs are something to live for.

Being somewhat unemployed at home has therefore opened my eyes to all that I've been missing from my child's life. It also got me thinking that every country should allow new moms at least the first year of their child's life away from work. I mean being a mom is a FULL time job, so why is it that society treats it as secondary to a 'job job'. Alas I could go on about the merits of more time with your child/ren, but the major reason for this post was to show that it is true that behind every dark cloud, there is indeed a silver lining and in this instance my lining has become gold as I treasure all these little mommy and me momments. Sadly, while I love freelancing, it currently reeks of uncertainity. I have devised a few startegies to pull in more business, but at the other end if a position still jumps at me, I do the occassional interview (Financial stability reasons). So even as I, the 'unemployed' mother waits, I may not be earning a steady income, but the last 3 months at home can definately be seen as one of my most precious time as a mother. Are you a Stay at home or unemployed mother? Let us know how you cope as well. Cheers!

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