Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Discussion #5: Discipline by example

Just recently I met a mother whose 2 year old son is quite the biter. He bites and slaps her at every oppurtunity he gets. On seeing the mother's plight, another mom suggested that in order to get him to stop biting her, she needs to actually bite him so he will know that it hurts and be compelled to stop. The mother of course was distraught at the thought of biting her own child, while the other mom swears it works, once you do not intend to harm the child. So what, do you think, do you bite your child in order to teach him/her not to bite and do you slap your child to teach him/her not to be so quick to slap others? Your thoughts please..

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Making favourite foods healthier for your kids

Ahhh, how often do you ever wish that your toddler would just get it on with eating? You've tried and tried to make those veggies appealing and you often end up with a grumpy child, shaking their head "No" and a frustrated mother who knows the child just needs to eat. It's a pretty tough world in mommywood, but have you ever thought of making some all time favourites much healthier to ensure that your child actually eats?

 Well I found this great article at Babyfit and I hope that this will help the much frustrated mom with her fussy lil eaters. It begins:

Everyday chicken noodle soup can be transformed into a powerhouse of vitamins by adding a serving or two of vegetables. You're thinking you can already hear the complaints about the soup being "chunky," right? Well, your secret weapon to battle veggie woes is the blender. This handy appliance will be your new best friend when it comes to loading your favorite recipes with nutrients.

In your next batch of macaroni and cheese, add cooked fresh or frozen pureed winter squash--think butternut or acorn squash. The texture and color resemble that of the cheesy dish while adding a serving of veggies. The possibilities are endless! 

Aside from adding winter squash--or even cooked carrots--to macaroni, there are plenty of other ways to amp up this dish and make it more nutritious. To begin, making it from scratch with your children is a better alternative to the boxed variety. When cooking at home instead of getting takeout, you can use whole wheat pasta and control the amount of cheese and sodium added.

Instead of minced, processed chicken nuggets, patties and tenders, cut skinless chicken breasts into chunks then dip them in flour, egg whites and breadcrumbs. Bake at 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes, until chicken is cooked through. 

French fries are a commonly requested food among young people. Slicing and baking your own potatoes is a very good alternative to the deep-fried option. 

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Interactive GSAT Games website and GSAT Online Resource Services Available

Just like most of us parents, children do have a hard time studying and this is often due to parental pressure and mostly reading material that is deemed 'boring'. So it should come as a pleasant surprise that educate JA now has the wonderful interactive GSAT DVD which features practice questions in a fun and interactive format. See flyer below for more details.

Similarly, GoGSAT offers online support by way of tutorials, practice questions and even an e-learning centre. For more information, free trials and demo visit GO GSAT
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Friday, December 4, 2009

Yes we've been noticed

As many of you many know, this here blog is my project of sorts, that I have so many plans for and it reaches my heart when the blog is noticed. So I was pleasantly surprised to find quite a nice summary on Blog Jamaica. It begins thus....

When Shanoy Coombs wanted “to share all things mommy related with other moms” she decided to start a blog called Jamaican Mommies. Now visitors can share precious and poignant moments, comments and concerns on a variety of mommy topics. Of course, they can also connect with other moms.
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Edit: And on November 14th, a visitor to the blog led me back to the Jamaica My Way forum (Yes I'll sign up and become a member) and they too had praises for Jamaicanmommies. Author Jamcan1 posted "Okay so this blogger isn't a member of ours but I think her blog is fabulous! Its very real....and when people think there isn't much more to Jamaica than dancehall, food and parties...this blog is very refreshing.

Sounds like a very AWARE mother reaching out and communicating with other Jamaican mothers. Some good material in here."
Sweet! See other favourable comments here

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