Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cutest Baby Ever Competition Launched and Mom to be and Baby Expo in December

I've pretty much always wanted Jamaica to have one of these Cutest Baby Competitions and also had it on my agenda to organize same. So I am somewhat thankful that the Flair Magazine, along with the Caribbean Events Group and Huggies have finally launched one.
So go on out and enter your little one to win prizes.. Best of luck for all moms

Categories: Category 1- 6 months-11 months
Category 2-1 year old- 1 year and 11 months
Category 3- 2 Years old-3 years old

How to Enter
Submit ONE photo of your cute baby via email to ceventsgroup@hotmail.com. Write in the Subject Line "Cutest Baby Ever Competition". Write your name, contact number, Baby's full name, Baby's age and Baby's Date of Birth.

Deadline for submissions: Wednesday, December 3, 2009 at 5 p.m. Winners published in the Flair Monday, December 7, 2009.

Competition Rules:
Only ONE Photo per baby; Send photo in jpeg format, Entrant must be Baby's parent or guardian or have permission from the parent/guardian; The winner agrees to have the baby's image used to publicise the competition; Judges Decision is final.

Also be sure to check out the Mom to Be and Baby Expo in December

The due date is December 5-6. The second annual Mom to Be and Baby Expo, slated for the Chinese Benevolent Association's auditorium, promises to be another exciting and informative celebration of pregnancy, babies and parenting.

The Caribbean Events Group and their partners promise another great boutique event, combining shopping, seminars, free consultations and services for expectant and new parents.

One lucky mother will win a major prize of products and services for three months for her and her baby. Continue reading here

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Discussion #4- How much TV is too much?

Medically is it said that children under 2 should watch no TV and children above two should watch no more than 1-2 hours of TV. It is also strongly reiterated that TV should never be a replacement for other activities and some researches seem to indicate that children exposed to prolonged TV viewership tend to be more obese and aggressive. Yet while the recommendations may be ideal, many if not all persons find these recommendations hard to live by. In the same vein, some recommend that for young children, all viewership be limited to educational programmes.

So am I the only bad parent who occasionally leaves my lil one watching a cartoon (she loves the Chinese one named Kai-lan)so I can get a shower or do dishes without a clingy baby holding on to my feet? What do you do? Do you allow your children to watch TV? If so how much? Do you have bigger kids? How much TV do they watch? Is it affecting their behaviour and lifestyles? Obesity? Aggressiveness? Weigh in on the discussion and let us know.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009



The lawns of Hope Gardens in Kingston will be transformed for three exciting days when Garfield’s Christmas Wonderland comes to town from December 18 to 20. The ultimate family event, all three days, from the Friday to the Sunday will be chockfull of activities designed for every member of the family. The organizers promise “a full entertainment package geared at the whole family”. The brainchild of Peter Shoucair, he says the idea to do this kind of event came about because of “the lack of quality family entertainment.”

According to Shoucair, “There are limited opportunities for the family to go out and enjoy themselves, especially in this kind of easy, funfilled atmosphere and Christmas is a time when families come together, so we figured this would be an ideal treat.”

Garfield Christmas Wonderland will be the first of its kind in the island and will see kids getting the chance to interact with cartoon characters such as Garfield, Batman, Krypto The SuperDog, Pink Panther, Care Bears, and local cartoon characters such as KFC’s Chicky and Chubby from Jamaica Beverages. Other attractions will be Santa Claus “coming in from the North Pole,” according to Shoucair. For a small fee, kids can go to Santa’s Village, take photos with him, and in addition to that will have free access to Candyland where they can enjoy free candy. While the kids are amusing themselves adults can take the opportunity to go to the shopping village and get a head start on their Christmas shopping,” Shoucair added.

Tons of attractions will be available over the three days and they all come under the price of one ticket. The activities include one free ride in the amusement park, meeting and greeting all the DC Comics’ characters and a 60-minute seated live Garfield show done twice per day – at 2:00 pm and again at 6:00 pm. The perks do not stop there as ticket price also covers other attractions such as the petting zoo, free access to Coco Jam — actually a children entertainment complex in Barbican Plaza. This will be set up within the venue, and also includes KFC’s Chicky Land, rides and games, , a shopping village and children yoga classes.

There will be no parking at the venue…but return shuttle service will be provided throughout the day to and from the two parking spots which are at Jamaica College and Hope Gardens (next to the bandstand). Entrance to the Hope Gardens parking lot is via Hope Pastures only.

Limited pre-sold tickets at venues now. Copy Cat, Training Camp, Coco Jam, Young’s Pharmacy, May Pen, Mailbox MoBay, Broadway Surprise, Clock Tower Plaza and in some schools.

Garfield’s Christmas Wonderland is sponsored by TVJ, KFC and Pizza Hut, Scotiabank, New Line Motors, Jamaica Beverages, ATL, Jamaica Observer, JIIC, Marksman, King Alarm, Shakti, Jamaica Pegasus, Oasis, New Line, Tru Juice, Breezes, Trident, Guardsman Group, among others and is endorsed by the Jamaica Tourist Board, the Ministry of Education and the Child Development Agency.

Go on and check it out!!

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November is Parent Month

Wow did you know that there is an entire month dedicated to parents? Does this mean we can just sit back on the beach, with a glass of lemonade? getting an Oceanside massage? Come on dream with me a little... Or do we sleep in all day while the older kids bring us breakfast in bed and a wonderful nanny (who appears out of no where) ensures that the smaller kids allow you to just rest? ahhh almost surreal eh? Well if only, just think of it this way, parent month isn't so much about being pampered, but it is more about getting active and engaging in activities planned for your and your children's benefits. I know it doesn't sound quite as appealing as the previous 'fantasy' but many years later when that child or children turn to you and say a genuine 'Thank you' your heart will melt and you will know that it was all worth it.

So on speaking with Ms, Georgia Garvey, Communications Manager for the Child Development Agency, it was disclosed that November is Parent's month and for the month certain key activities will be held as outlined below:

12 Nov, 2009-Parenting Workshop at the Min of Education, Caenwood Centre, 37 Arnold Road, Kingston 5.

19 Nov, 2009- World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse.

19 Nov, 2009- Parenting Expo at the Min of Education's Mandeville Office

20 Nov, 2009- Special Movie Discount on "A Christmas Carol in 3D" at Palace Multiplex and Odeon Cineplex. 5 p.m. shows only. (For one night only- When a parent takes a child aged 3-11 years to the participating cinema, that parent will pay for one child's ticket and the parent gets a free ticket)

20 Nov, 2009- Universal Children's Day

20 Nov, 2009- forum with UNICEF to mark the 20th Anniversary of the signing of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

25 Nov, 2009- Literacy Fair and Parenting Expo at Rousseau Primary School.

25 Nov, 2009- International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

26 Nov, 2009- Early Childhood Parent Expo and awards at Ferngrove Resource Centre, Ocho Rios

26 Nov, 2009- Parenting Expo at Portmore Community College.

28 Nov, 2009- Family Reading Day

For further information, contact the Office of the Children's Advocate or the Child Development agency.

Parent Month is organised by the Coalition for Better Parenting under the theme Parent the Right Way: Read with your child everyday

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Further tips on dealing with Separation Anxiety

Previously I spoke about Separation anxiety here and today the Jamaica Observer also has excellent tips on how to deal with this.

When your little one clings

IT'S quite natural for most, if not all babies to want their parents to be with them every waking moment and sometimes this need continues even after they've been enrolled in school. This has left many parents in a dilemma, as they genuinely don't want to leave their child feeling hurt or abandoned. Parents are left feeling guilty each time they have to leave their kids to undertake chores, attend events or go off to work. After all, the last thing you want to do is to have your child feeling unloved, when they scream and stretch for you as you go out the door.

"She didn't want to stay with anybody else but me, so I couldn't go out and look a job," said Tamika Gordon of her now nine-month-old daughter.

But what causes your baby to become so clingy, and when will this phase end? More importantly, what can you do until it does?

Continue reading here

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Launch-Roving Caregivers Programme (RCP) Showcase

Good Day my Bloggies,
I have missed you dearly but I've been so tied up with work committments and promise to update more regularly.

Just taking the oppurtunity to invite you all to a wonderful programme geared towards early childhood education. Do go out and see!

Date: Saturday, November 7, 2009
Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Location: Hilton Kingston Hotel, Jamaica

The Roving Caregivers Programme (RCP) is an informal early childhood development programme that seeks to reach children birth to three years of age who do not have access to any formal early childhood education. Early stimulation for children and parenting education form the core of the programme.

RCP addresses the developmental needs of the very young in disadvantaged conditions where children benefit from: quality care and attention, development of basic skills, better health and nutrition, and at the next level, better performance in pre-school and future education.

The RCP originated in Jamaica, and the Caribbean Child Support Initiative (CCSI) has facilitated its replication in four Eastern Caribbean countries - St. Lucia, Dominica, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada. The intention of the showcase which is being launched in Jamaica and will move to the other islands (Dominica, Grenada and St. Vincent and the Grenadines) is to highlight and demonstrate the RCP model as a viable, cost-efficient and effective option for communities with little or no access to ECD/family support services. It will also serve to inform and influence various stakeholders on the importance of providing access to quality Early Childhood and family support services as a matter of priority.

The showcase will begin with an official opening, and guests will be invited to tour booths that reflect the training, research, stimulation, play, income generation and enterprise development aspects of the RCP.

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