Monday, October 12, 2009

Discussion #3- Abortion...Whose right is it anyway?

With abortion being a raging debate, I just had to tune in, so what are your thoughts? Is abortion wrong across all fronts? or only on certain levels? Should someone be 'allowed' to terminate another's life? or is that decision to be left solely up to God? Share your thoughts

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Shanty said...

Hmmmm this is a very delicate issue, especially since I'm now a mom. Now I can't imagine ever not carrying my child, but as I said it may be my experience speaking. I do empathize with women who have been raped though and feel that it must be quite a challenge to raise a child that you're unsure you'll ever be able to love. It must be quite a bittersweet experience under those circumstances, feeling the little wiggles and instead of feeling happy, you are depressed...I really don't know though. With me being a mom now, my view is clearly clouded and o that basis I'd want to say NO to abortion on all fronts, but I guess different circumstances warrant different assessments since every child deserves to feel loved. I would say though that it may be better to carry the child to term and then give up for adoption rather than to kill the innocent child.

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