Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jamaican Mommies Picnic Rescheduled

Following the big hurrah about the picnic that was to be. I have to unfortunately inform that the picnic has been rescheduled due to many last minute cancellations. However, as with all good ideas, I think this deserves another run so we can make it happen. This time I'll ask for your feedback along the way, mainly via here since it seems not many persons on the Facebook Group responds to their messages.

With My 1st Anniversary in September, Birthday in November and Kai's first Christmas in December, I know I'll be pretty busy around those times. Nonetheless, I'll give you guys the chance to propose dates and we'll form a planning committee so things can run much smoother.

So for now I'm proposing October, possibly around Heroes Weekend? or any other random weekend? What sayest thou? This time It is up to you. Suggest your dates and any ideas below so others can see. Please leave comments so I can get some ideas going

1 comment:

Jamaican Mommies Admin said...

I think it would be cool to do this around Heroes holiday and have the mommies and little ones all dressed up in Jamaican colours :-)

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