Tuesday, July 7, 2009

That good ole underrated Fresh air

As I made my trek to the countryside this weekend, I was all set to give my little one a break from the toxic Kingston fumes. I spent much time reminiscing on how my mother would continuously expound on the benefits of Fresh air and I recall quite clearly how I have been the benefactor of this said air and how it helped me in a positive way. Many a times as a child when I was down with the flu, my mother's home remedy included an early morning walk and you can bet your bucks that the mini exercise combined with the cool, natural air did wonders for an ailing child.

All these memories got me thinking about Nature's gift of fresh air. Though it may be underrated, it deserves much credence for the many benefits it provides.

I do not claim to be a medical practitioner by any means, but can say what is a good article when I see one. So I found this useful article over at www.naturemoms.com And do make it a priority to slot in at least a quarterly visit to the countryside for some of that invaluable country air. Take the kids out for the ride and lets continue being happy healthy families.

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