Thursday, July 16, 2009

Making your own baby food with local produce

Its that time, Can you believe it? just a mere few months ago, i brought home a teeny cutie pie, wrapped neatly in a bundle, who peered at everything with a bit of caution and apprehension. This same little bundle had to be taught everything there is to know about the world and what do you know? She's already ready for solids and even before doc gave us the go-ahead, her marked interest in the family's table have been undeniable...So having reached this stage, My research has indicated a wide cross section of sites that provides very easy instructions on Making your own Baby food. While this option may not be ideal for everyone, with time limitations , those of us with the time to spare, can check out the sites listed below and good news, there are a number of sites that include information on utilizing local produce such as Irish Potatoes, sweet potatoes, Avocado, Carrots, Pumpin, Beets, Peas and beans and the list goes on. So here goes. Have fun making a bundle of goodness for your little one's tummy and of course be sure to share any tried-and-proven recipe of your own. For those of you with older kids, keep us in the know about what works as your teeny-tiny baby grows into a tot.

Here goes
2. Annabell Karmell
3. Home Made Baby foods
4. BabyFood101

And Special Mention for this site which has many recipes for older kids too
Simply Baby Foods

Cheers to healthy, happy babies
And be sure to let us know how your recipes went.


Anonymous said...

I wish there were sites with some of our other ingredients such as Othaeite Apple, soursop, Naseberry etc. I dont know if these can be used as baby foods, but i'd love to have a dietetician share some more local based recipes.

Jamaican mommy said...

Thank you for the excellent suggestion.. We are on it!! and will do an updated post once we receive local recipes Cheers :-)

Rosie said...

I agree. I would love to see more sites with our Jamaican fruits. Was a bit disappointed when I saw the American sites. would love to know at what stage our fruits can be used.

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