Thursday, July 2, 2009

Woot woot...Carib 5 now has 3D

Yes..Its about time. Carib has finally equipped one of its theaters with 3D equipment. So now we can all enjoy shows in this larger than life form. I am particularly pleased about this since i had to go all the way to Atlanta for my first 3D experience (Georgia Aquarium) and I look forward to taking in 3D movies, especially as my litle missy gets older..Woot Woot..way to go Carib.

For all the mommas out there, Ice Age is now being shown in 3D so go have a ball watching with the kids.

N.B. Movies in 3D bear a higher admissions cost. Its Adults $900 for regular seats and $ 1100 Box seats and kids are $600 regular and $800 box.

Link to Gleaner's story here


Frannie said...

That's so cool. Let's do a playdate to see the movie. Anyone in?


Shanoy Coombs said...

That's a great idea Fran..I'm in. Anyone else up for this?

Shanoy Coombs said...

By the way guys, if you're in, please email me your details (name, and contact number) and we can try to see the movie sometime next week or the week after if its still showing.

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