Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dealing with separation anxiety

So I've been back at work for the past 4 months, but still can't get the hang of being away from my dear little one. I didn't imagine it would take this much getting used to and i certainly assumed that with her away from the grasps of daycare, I'd be more comfortable and less anxious. Yet, the sad reality hits when i find myself holding out longer and longer before going off to work. I also find myself religiously skipping evening exercise sessions so i can get home to breastfeed, play and cuddle..Yes i know i sound like a big wuss, but who can deny that a baby's warmth is magnetic.

So it got me thinking that since i can't be a stay at home mom (due to financial constraints), there must be some way that i can still relish time spent with my little one, while being less anxious.

On a greater scale parent and child separation has continuously led to separation anxiety and too many persons do not know how to adequately deal with this issue. In the Jamaican scenario, many a parent can be heard reprimanding a teary and tantrum-filled child on departure. Onlookers may even chime in and label the child as 'spoilt'. Medically and emotionally though, separation anxiety is deemed worthy of being addressed so there can be more relaxed and happy parents and children.

I found this article quite useful and thought why rewrite the wheel. It deals with separation anxiety both for parents and children. You can view it here and share your thoughts on how you deal with separation anxiety.

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Anonymous said...

I will have you know that separation anxiety is a pain. But i've been relieved to find its normal, especially for first time moms. I know its difficult to deal with but hang in there. Many mothers before have survived and still have healthy functional kids today.

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