Thursday, May 28, 2009

People Pickney

Just a little Jamaican flavour :-) Enjoy

By: Shanoy Coombs
None a wi like dem people pickney
Who ever seem full of ills and bad will.

None a wi like how dem ‘loose’ and stay
For after all we never grow our pickney dem ways.

Dose skool girls, dem force ripe ones and dem crusty boys
Is how we curse, swear and get vex

Yes dem pickney, seem to have no pride
And we swear dem could never bloom from our insides.

Is dem filthy ones who are the worse generation
Dem that bring dem family to shame

Is dem same people pickney
We scrutinize, nuh apologize and pon di parents lay di blame.

Yes dem people pickney, could never be like ours
For we keep our pickney well decent
And mek dem speak the best words.

Its dem people pickney dat need to be transformed….

It only blow me bubble when i find it ring true
Dat my nice pickney, when outta my view
A do the same ting dem weh dem people pickney a do

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