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Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Since we launched our 2014 Summer Activities Listing, I am happy to report that there was an overwhelming demand and after the unavoidable delays, our 2015 Jamaica Summer Activities Listing is now ready!!!

Special Thanks as well to the many organizations, other parenting networks, friends and all of you in the webosphere who shared activities with us for inclusion in our listing.

In the event you still have an activity to add, drop us a line via or via our website's contact us box

Do remember to SHARE with all the other parents you know who wish to have a comprehensive list of the available summer activity options.

Please note you can also download the list via Jamaican Mommies 2015 Summer Activities Listing

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015


A few weeks ago, I was a part of a bubbly laughing off our heads mommy and daddy audience who were a part of the B3 Magazine's Parent's Date Night. While the night featured hilarious, laugh out loud moments, what stuck the most were the very impactful presentations. With the theme Paving the path from diapers to diplomas" flowing throughout the series of activities, the emphasis was on equipping parents with the tools for emotional, social and academic success. In line with this theme, local entrepreneur Nicole McLaren Campbell of AIM Educational Services presented on catering to the educational aspect of your child's well being while Antonnette Cowan-Palmer of NCB focused on the educational aspect. But what jumped at me the most was Melanie Schwapp's presentation on keeping the family together. Schwapp, local author of the book Dew Angels (Pick up a copy via Amazon) shared some very important pointers and today we share her meaningful presentation on what she calls "Creating a deep comfort and friendship in the home within a sometimes erratic and volatile world"

When I became a mother, I was not ready. I mean, I had the nursery beautifully decorated with all the things a first time mother has – the diaper holder thingy, the wet wipe warmer, the measuring spoon for the measuring spoon that measured the formula, 962 pretty dresses so my new daughter could wear a new one every half an hour …..I had it all. But at that moment when Briana was born and they brought her to me, I quaked. I wasn’t ready for the love I felt. It was a physical feeling, so strong that it hurt every fibre of my heart. I had never felt anything like that in my life, and it frightened me. I knew then that this precious blessing was now completely in my care, and I would be responsible for every single thing that came into her life.

Thank goodness that the instinct of motherhood kicked in, and Briana survived me. So did the two other children that followed her. It was not an easy road, though. I think my husband and I learned a lot more from our children than they learned from us. For one thing, we got a whopping lesson in something called ‘Patience’. We also learned that above everything else, the joy and security within our family should never be compromised by anything. We strove, through the years, to create a deep comfort and friendship within our home, a security that has become a stable buffer within a sometimes erratic and volatile world.

A few pointers that served us well were –"

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Moms Say: For Mother's Day I'd Love.... More moms require quality time over things

Move over flowers, Candy and Cards, there is a new Mother's Day fave on the block! (Well Kinda. Sorta).  Truth is, we have been witnessing an evolution in terms of what moms want on special days.  Indeed just last year when JamaicanMommies appeared on Smile Jamaica morning time programme, we spoke at length about the things moms would truly love for Mothers' Day.  As it turned out then, most of the things moms would truly love weren't things after all. 

This year to put things into perspective and to hear the 'word on the street' we asked several moms across varied online parenting platforms a simple question, What would you truly appreciate this Mothers' Day?

The responses by and large leaned towards time, support and bits of pampering, Our mums noted: 

1. M. Harris "I would certainly welcome a body massage from head to toe"

2. C Christie "I would love some sleep. and yes a full body massage. Throw in a mani n pedi . Ohhhhhh and chocolate"

3. TGreen Yeah I'd like a few days alone to sleep and sort whatever I can in my life and in my head

4. F Mair Some me time would be great!! No kids, just me *sigh*

5. M Johnson I would appreciate all the household chores done without one question or suggestion be requested of me. I would love some serenity without feeling guilty. Ice cream and complete relaxation. Hopefully mental relaxation too.

6. A Bailey I would like some me time

7. M Solomon Well I'd like a pair of Prada shades and some Jessica Simpson pumps if you want the things list, but generally, I would like for someone else to cook, wash and comb the hair and do the homework. I will still do the bedtime story

8. H Argueta A picnic in an open field.

9. N Bryan I want to be able to go to bed early without my stepson needing to sleep on my I can keep wishing it ain't gonna happen.

10. K Blake To be left alone. It would be such a comfort to not hear the squabbling and mommy every minute.

11. A Wilson I would love to go to the movies alone..... Just a personal joy I miss.

12. D Pinnock I would love an AC'd room with a super comfy couch/bed and HGTV, all my meals would be prepared and brought to me too and no interruptions

13. S Coombs ooh I would love to fall asleep on the beach too as long as someone is awake watching my back #BestSleepsUnderTheTree at Fort Clarence

14. R McKoy I could lay in the bed watching HGTV allll day no "mommy come play with me" "cooooome mommy". Food brought to me, nap here and there.....but the weirdest part of it all is I want to hear her playing and giggling in the background.

15. NZee Peace quiet and no interruptions even for 2 hours . I just need an early night in and a late morning out

16. RWhyte Sleep sounds very good. I would love a day just to do that!

17. H Thompson I would love to Sleep late; Eat a meal I did not cook...Get a foot massage and just relax

18. I Blythe nuff (Lots of) pampering! breakfast in bed and the works lol.

19. P Williams I want to sleep late, very late, get breakfast in bed when I'm ready. My favourite breakfast: ackee n saltfish with fried dumplings etc. hot chocolate, then I want to go to the river and sleep under a tree or hut or something like that. Then I want to watch a movie with my kids. That'll do me

20. D Savory 2-3 hours undisturbed!

Out of curiosity Jamaican Mommies enquired why so many mums are focusing on special moments, rest and relaxation versus a list of things and two of the mums put it best when L
Deslandes noted "It looks like we all want the same thing!" and NBryan summarized "We moms are on duty 24/7 that's why we don't need things just alone time.our little ones are already everything we need and more" << seriouss awwwww moment here.

So there you have it, Mommies do you agree? Daddies, Thank us for the direct insights later.

Of course with all the focus on the special moments and relaxation this Mother's Day, it still doesn't hurt to gift all those hardworking mommies this year.  Additional tips can be found via What moms really want this Mothers' Day and be sure to match gifts to hobbies, passion or interests.  Amazon also has some great Mothers' Day specials  going so be sure to check those out!!

Did we miss anything? What would you truly love this Mothers Day?!
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Friday, April 24, 2015

Moms Say: I wish I Had....

Images courtesy of Skkan Media via Jamaican Mommies Mothers Day Picnic 2014
A few days ago in our Jamaican Mommies Facebook Group (yep it's private so go ahead and request to join) us Jamaican Mommies began discussing some of the things we have triumphed at and others that we wish we had done... differently and so began the Jamaican Mommies "Moms Say.." Series. Each Week we'll ask several Mommies from varied parenting groups a simple question and share their responses. 

This week we asked, " How old are your Kids and looking back on your parenting Journey,  What is your biggest parenting "I wish I had"? 

In the end several things stood out,

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Get #DressedToTheTea for Charity- Local charity hosts International Women's Day High Tea

It was just a little over a year ago that Jamaican Mommies Editor in chief donned High Tea attire and went for Tea with a cause and forged an ongoing relationship with a noteworthy local charity with a global network- The occasion, Dress For Success Jamaica's annual fundraising High Tea

A year later and with the proceeds going to Dress For Success Jamaica's Career and Economic Development efforts, we are on board again and encourage your support for the event on International Women's Day, March 8, 2015 at 4:00 p.m.

With the theme being Dressed to the Tea: A Blooming Tea Affair, it seems poised to be an the perfect opportunity to grab your girlfriends and get dressed for a cause (Don't feel left out though guys, gentlemen are also welcomed).

Jmommies Editor in Chief (At right) does high tea with from L-R Milliner Marcellas James; Fashion Proprieter Kerry Ann Clarke and Senator Imani Duncan-Price at the 2013 Dressed for Success High Tea
With well known tea brand, Twinnings and Sangsters Jamaica Rum on stream this year, patrons will be greeted with a unique tea cocktail on arrival at the Terra Nova hotel.  

According to Dress for Success Jamaica's Chairman/Founder, Charmaine Lewis, the High Tea continues to be one of the organization's biggest fundraisers and this year the theme was strategically chosen as it encourages every woman to thrive and bloom beyond their circumstances.

Lady Hisae Fitton (wife of Britain's High commissioner to Jamaica in 2013; Miss Jamaica World 2013, Gina Hargitay; Her Excellency, The Most Honourable Lady Allen and .Miss Jamaica Franchise Holder, Laura Butler at the 2013 staging of the event.

With Career Development and economic advancement for women (many of whom are single parents) in need being the major charity under DFS Jamaica's programme,  funds generated from the event will go towards maintaining the suiting and career development programme.  

In exchange for their patronage, attendees at Saturday’s High Tea will be delighted with live performances, a silent auction, delightful culinary fare and several other fun and engaging activities.   
The Jamaica Junior Theatre gave a wonderful performance of Alice in Wonderland at the 2013 event

The event is just a week away so remember to book early!!

Tickets for the yearly event are available at Kerry Man Woman Home on South Avenue and Angela’s Boutique at South Avenue or via Dress for Success Jamaica’s ticket hotline at 472-4600/547-4326

A trio of beautiful ladies at the 2013 High Tea

You can also secure your tickets via Jamaican Mommies by Emailing Jamaicanmommies; tweeting us @JamaicanMommies or sending us a message via JamaicanMommies on Facebook

So hurry on, get your tickets now!!!

Dress for Success Jamaica provides work attire, career development tools and a support network for women who need help in entering the work force.   These vital resources are provided at no cost to these women who are often single mothers, HEART trainees and university graduates who need help in order to achieve self-sufficiency and in turn provide for their children and extended families.  To date, we have assisted over 350 women on their path to economic independence. 

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Friday, February 20, 2015

My 6 yo's Birthday And A Few Things I have Learnt

Dancing away before dance class.. Somebody is happy for sure!!
This past weekend, the unbelievable occurred. My "literally just born" child became all of 6 years old and I kinda panicked because it all seemed to happen wayy too fast . In the midst of my mini panic, I also remembered that it was with her birth that I started Jamaican Mommies (Happy 6th JMommies :-)- You need a post of your own) and more importantly with what I'd like to call a whirlwind birth day weekend, She had a blast and I had a few lessons.

You see, apart from the lessons learnt on never making your child's birthday be more about you than them in the middle of planning, executing, mediating, pick ups and drop-offs, several things stood out.

For starters:

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